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Seal Mate - Fix Leaking Fork Seals

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What is Seal Mate?

Seal Mate is a tool designed to fix leaking fork seals, on any dirt bike or street bike (See our full list of compatible bikes here). Many motorcycle shops can charge upwards of $300 to replace your fork seals, in most cases your fork seals are leaking due to dirt and debris stuck between the seals. Seal Mate can safely remove the dirt from in under 5 minutes, while saving you up to $300.

How it works?

The Problem: Fork seals leak because dirt gets trapped under the seal which allows for oil to leak through the seal.

The Fix: Use Seal Mate to remove all dirt and debris allowing your fork seals to re-seal.

Made in the USA

 Seal Mate is made right here in Sacramento, California.

Video - Seal Mate Instructions


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